Implementation for a chain of stores selling furniture and decor

ClientD2 Interior. A customer who is engaged in professional selection of m for his clients. Also, they are engaged in the sale of furniture and decor elements, they now have several stores in Kyiv and an online store and two Instagram accounts.
The customer contacted us with an already existing CRM, where some of the processes were not completed to the end and the system did not work properly, so the employees did not work through CRM, but used their spreadsheets and notes in a notebook, which made it difficult to control the process of their work through.
Our task is to combine everything into one database and connect the ability to record calls and all sources of customer contact in one place.

The customer uses corporate mobile phones for calls, we set up call recording, transferred the client base from 1C and connected:
service "my calls"; all phone calls go to CRM
website integration; all site orders go to CRM
service Marquiz - a questionnaire on the basis of which primary information about the client is created and given to the sales department;
we connected several instagram accounts of the customer so that letters from direct, comments and reactions of stories immediately get into the system and there was an opportunity to respond directly;
connected the platform to receive orders from the marketplace
In addition, we set up a sales funnel for 3 industries.
1st - sale of furniture;
2nd - decor;
3rd - communication with designers.

What did they do for this?
At the first stage, we organized a meeting with the client and found out at what stage CRM was launched, where to start and what main tasks need to be completed.At the second stage, we formed 3 separate sales funnels and implemented them into the system. We transferred the entire client base from 1C to CRM and connected the services: “my calls”, “Marquiz”, instagram accounts and
We set up call recording and a system for recognizing hot clients.
At the third stage, we conducted training for employees and management and continue to advise them on emerging issues (interface, how to set a task, etc.)

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