CRM for Euroton

CustomerWe worked as contractors with an advertising agency for TM "Euroton". This is a factory that produces bricks, cement and building materials.
TaskThe customer wants to make contextual advertising, as well as implement it on platforms such as Google and Facebook. It is important for the customer to understand how this advertisement works, whether it returns on investment, whether it pays off and whether the advertisement brings new customers.
ResultIt was decided to build end-to-end analytics, the customer asked me to make meticulous settings and integration with Google and Facebook advertising cabinets.

In this project, there was a 3-way communication between us, the agency and the customer. We built a system and set up communication channels so that requests go straight to the CRM system and track end-to-end analytics.
Now, when the manager works with deals and the deal has been completed, the amount of the deal is transferred to end-to-end analytics and the ROI indicator is calculated, which shows the return on investment in advertising.

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