Binotel - virtual АТС

Virtual PBX is a service that combines all company numbers into a single network, stores all history and call records
with customers. In addition, it automates work and improves employee efficiency and customer service.

Why do you need a Virtual PBX

Ordering and control

To streamline and control employee communication with customers

Quality of communication of your employees

To see the volume and quality of conversations of each employee and the whole company


To automate communication with customers and work in the CRM system

High level of service

To constantly ensure a high level
customer service

TOP 6 functions Binotel

Personal account as a communication control system
with and managing customers

You will have a personal account, which stores data on all calls: their total number, duration, call records, list of missed calls, detailed analytics, etc.

Record calls

You will have records of all calls. This means that you can listen to any conversation between the manager and the client. Having this feature motivates employees to work more efficiently. It becomes much faster and easier to resolve controversial issues and train new employees.

Control of lost calls

In the Binotel personal account you will have a special tab where all missed calls will be received. As long as the customer is not called back or he has not called again, his call does not disappear from this tab. Only with this tab you will be able to process more calls and receive up to 30% of additional sales.



Multichannel is the ability to receive multiple calls to one phone number at a time. If you connect multi-channel, customers will always be able to call your company and will never hear a "busy" signal in the handset. This will give you more calls.

Call forwarding to a group of employees

It is much better to forward calls from customers to a group of employees, rather than just one device. This will make it easier to take calls and reduce customer response time. Missed calls will be less. And most importantly - employees will stop passing mobile phones to each other, so you will forget about the chaos with phones.

Combining telephony with your CRM (integration)

All conversations of managers with clients will be automatically transferred to the CRM system. In addition, the following functions will be available: automatic opening of the client's card during a call, automatic creation of a new card, history of the client's activity.

Binotel personal account interface

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