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system integration

● Selection of CRM for the specifics of the business
● Implementation
● Support


Questions facing business
when implementing CRM

CRM - system

How to choose the right system, because there are many of them and it is not a fact that the system used by companies in my environment can give me the desired result.


It is not clear how to choose a contractor who will be interested in your success. After all, everyone says that his system is the best and exactly suits me.


How to overcome the sabotage of employees who oppose the new rules of the new system.


Дмитро КарпенкоЗасновник 3.14 Agency

“CRM is just about software, it's a function and a culture of business. This function can be performed by a notebook, but how far such a business will go. I am convinced that modern system business cannot be imagined without a well-established CRM system.
My goal is to maximize my clients' businesses by implementing and developing a CRM feature in their businesses, using state-of-the-art solutions. ”

What we are implementing

Transition from Russian services

Today, many Ukrainian businesses need to switch from Russian systems and services. We will be happy to help solve this problem as soon as possible.

How we work


Analysis and audit

● Collection of needs for the new system.
● Analysis of the quality of use of systems and services.


Systematization of business processes

● Analyze current processes
● We detect suboptimal processes: duplication, "bottlenecks", slow stages, unnecessary documents and reports
● We make recommendations for process optimization
● Describe processes for further automation
● Generate a set of KPIs to control each process
● Model reports and dashboards for process analysis
● System selection


Comprehensive implementation

● Creating a project roadmap with weekly sprints.
● Technical adjustment of the system for your processes
integration of the system with application sources, communication channels, and other business systems
● Import your data into the system
● Weekly demonstrations of system module settings


Support and training

● Assign a project manager to solve all issues
● Technical and consulting support for system users
● Analyze your work in systems and make recommendations for process improvement
● Conduct training activities and record detailed instructions for adapting new staff

Remaining questions?

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