Stream Telecom

    National telecom operator
    High quality IP telephony
    Market leader in service support
    11 years of experience
    9000 satisfied business clients

Why Stream Telecom

Easy control of each employee

Convenient reports, recordings of conversations, and also storage of all necessary information in the client's card.

Quick technical support response

We guarantee a record speed of response to customer requests - 10 minutes. Resolution of the issue - up to 30 minutes.

Direct integration with your CRM system

Integration with the most popular CRM-systems, without additional personal accounts with the ability to make calls directly from CRM.

Digital Communication Quality 99.9%

Digital marketing has emerged as a specialization over the last decade. Stream Telecom provides its customers with high quality communication regardless of the city or country.

Reliability Why Stream Telecom does not fail


To provide customers with uninterrupted communication, Stream Telecom uses the most modern approach to protection - geo-distributed equipment redundancy. Stream Telecom's servers are located in several data centers around the world and insure each other. It is necessary for one of the servers to fail, as its work will be taken over by another. State-of-the-art technology helps transfer load from one server to another quickly and seamlessly to the client. By choosing Stream Telecom, you can enjoy excellent communication without fear of technical problems.

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