Streamline your team communication to make work happen anywhere

Zoho Cliq simplifies your team communication with organized conversations, easy-to-find information, and connections to the tools you love. Work together, no matter where you are.

Bring people, actions, and everything else that matters, together in one place.

  • Group collaboration, made simple

    Transform ideas into reality with your team. With channels, your team communication is visible, transparent and efficient.

  • Searchable conversations

    Search for messages, find files shared in a conversation, or look up a user— find what you're looking for, right when you need it.

  • Your team is one tap away

    No matter where you're working from or what device you're working on, you can jump onto a voice or video call and stay connected.

  • Never forget a task or meeting

    Your day-to-day tasks and calendar schedules are available right where you collaborate.

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    Centralize your workflows

    Empower your team communication by collaborating intelligently. Custom build bots or create command shortcuts on the Cliq platform and automate your day-to-day activities.

  • Data security

    Our top-notch security system, with data encryption and secret chat, is here to make sure your organization data is always safe.

Business communication software that makes collaboration easier, no matter what team you lead.



Plan, collaborate in channels, set up automated bot alerts about continuous build updates and ship your projects faster.



Drop files or images about your next big idea, directly from your cloud storage into a channel to get your team's opinions.


Tech Support

Bring teams together to resolve questions faster and create happy customers. Integrate your tools to stay notified of issues right inside chat!



Replace time-consuming meetings with spontaneous conversations, automate reports to manage your business smoothly.

Collaborate when you're on the move

Carry your team conversations and shared files in your pocket. Connect with people through text, audio, or video wherever you go.


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