CRM for the sales department of a children's goods store

About the clientOur client Atelier LiLu and Minibambini is engaged in the production and sale of premium children's furniture.
Implement a unified customer relationship management system and IP-telephony for the sales department. Consolidate all communication channels into one system.За словами клієнта:According to the client:
“We specifically select the best materials for our furniture: natural wood, fabrics from the best Italian and French manufacturers such as Dedar Milano and Maison Thevenon, as well as high-quality Belgian fittings. In addition, each product is handcrafted by our craftsmen individually for each client. We boldly say that each of our products is unique and unlike any other.”

It wasAt the beginning of negotiations, the client kept records in notebooks and Excel. The main channel for attracting customers was Instagram. Since the client has 4 pages in this social network, where a separate company is assigned to each, we were faced with the task of bringing everything into one CRM system, separating employees so that they did not see each other's information.It becameImplemented CRM for customer relationship management, Binotel IP telephony for recording incoming and outgoing calls to the CRM system and the i2CRM service for connecting all 4 Instagram accounts.
What was done?
Since the client needed to connect 4 companies into one CRM system, at the first stage, all business processes were described, and documents with recommendations were drawn up, taking into account the automation of the receipt of applications. After approval, we moved on to the second stage.
We have divided each company into a separate funnel in the system. We set up all communication channels of each company specifically for your funnel. For example, if a customer asks for the price of a product on the Instagram page of company #1, then the request comes to the responsible manager for the first funnel. The manager communicates with the client directly from amoCRM, sets tasks, and manages statuses.
Since the system allows you to flexibly configure access rights, managers of different companies do not see each other's information.
Binotel IP telephony was introduced. It was integrated into amoCRM. All calls are recorded in the system and it is easy for the manager to control employees and give recommendations.
Also, employees' corporate mails were connected to communicate from the client's card to CRM.
At the third stage, the system settings were presented and the customer's confirmation was received. Instructions were also developed and training for managers was conducted.

The client received a fully configured system, which includes all requests from existing and new clients. Managers always know what needs to be done with each client. the system has a task module with reminders.
It is now easy for managers to track business performance and the performance of managers, because. the system has ready-made reports in the “Analytics” block
The last report (Goals) allows the manager to monitor the implementation of goals for the month, quarter or year by the number of transactions or by budget.

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