Budhouse mall

CustomerWe were approached by the company Budhouse Group http://bhg.ua/ru, which builds and owns several shopping centers in Cherkasy and Kherson.Task
The customer needs a CRM - a system that can be used to monitor when the lease expires at stores, islands, etc., in order to initiate the renewal, completion or replacement of the trading platform in time so that it does not stand idle.
Also, you need to organize the reception and unloading of goods serving the premises and processing requests from tenants (HelpDesk)

CRM was chosen for work, because it suited all the requirements of the customer and some other departments already worked with this system. We built a sales funnel, where buyers were renamed landlords. Now, the system independently tracks how many days are left until the end of the lease agreement and sets the task for managers to initiate negotiations.
We built the system so that all documents and lease agreements were available in the system in 1 click, now they do not need to be searched in folders and files separate from the CRM system.
We have organized the process of receiving such applications: loading and unloading goods, maintenance of premises, etc. Such applications from tenants also enter the system. Using these funnels, you can now track the status of applications, their reaction, and monitor the service work of managers.

What was doneThe project was carried out in 3 stages:At the first stage, we analyzed all business processes, found out what information should be stored in the system, after which we decided that the solution to this request would be to install CRM.The second stage was the implementation of the CRM system into work. We set up a sales funnel and built all business processes, connected integration with corporate mail, Google drive and file hosting.The third stage was the training of all employees. Now the customer continues to implement new projects, after the implementation of which we continue to train employees to work in the system.

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