Implementation of amoCRM for the sale of luxury real estate

CustomerWe were approached by a client of the Budhouse Group company with the need to build a system for the sales department of luxury real estate, one of them is the Linden residential complex. This is an elite club house, which is located in the center of Kyiv.
The customer's decision was to implement the first CRM system by the start of the sales department. One of the key features of this project is that it is a luxury property and the sales department must show the status. The client needs to record conversations from corporate iPhones, integrate with mail, and also build a sales funnel and connect an interactive chessboard.
The client entered the market already with a CRM system. amoCRM was chosen for work, it is as simple as possible in use and appearance. Since we work with elite real estate and there is a need to record conversations from corporate iPhones, we connected FMC technology to the system, which made it possible to record conversations from the GSM provider and immediately transfer them to the CRM system, in addition, we made integration with mail , built a sales funnel and connected an interactive checkerboard, where you can immediately see the status of the apartment.
What did they do?
We implemented the project in 3 stages
The first step was to organize a meeting with the client, where we needed to build the structure of the work. As we pointed out earlier, it is very important to enter the market with a CRM system. Considering that it was important for the client to show his status, we installed the amoCRM application on corporate iPhones and connected them to telephony via FMC technologies. We built a sales funnel and connected an interactive checkerboard - this is a Profitbase service, in order to be able to immediately track the status of an apartment.
The second stage was the implementation of the introduction of all communications into the system.In the third stage, we conducted all the training for management and employees, conducted training events and continue to support the client.

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