CRM for franchise members in a children's IT school

TaskAutomate the distribution of leads between franchise members, namely the delivery of a lead to the right franchisee, and the ability to record calls in the system so that not a single lead is lost.
About the client
Our client company KidIT is the first IT school in Ukraine for children from 5 years old. The main idea of ​​KidIT is to enable Ukrainian children to get the basics of technological literacy today. Learn the basic skills that become a must-have for successful self-realization in the future: creativity, working with information, teamwork and communication.It wasAt the time of the start of cooperation with us, the client had one manager who processed all applications independently and manually distributed among the franchisees. All information was partially recorded in excel without a single standard.It becameIt was decided to implement Bitrix 24 “Cloud version” due to the existence of package billing, flexibility of settings and optimal price. Telephony “My Calls” was also connected, as this is the optimal solution for fixing conversations via mobile phones.
What was done?
At the first stage we held a briefing meeting to digitize business processes "as is". After the dismissal of the manager, the head decided to automate the process of processing applications in the future to improve the quality of work, both within the company and with clients. Our task was to understand what business processes currently exist in the company, their dynamics and functionality in order to select the necessary tools for working with the client.Further, our specialist compiled a document in which the business process was described already with the introduction of the CRM system. After that, the document was approved and the system setup began directly.The system setup also took into account the connection of the “My Calls” service, Facebook, customer's emails so that the manager could keep everything in a single database and all information about the client was in one place.The main difficulty at this stage was the fact that in the process of setting up the system for the client, the person responsible for the project was changed. Thus, instead of the owner of the company, who technically understood all the processes, a manager came who heard about such a system for the first time and did not understand why, why and how - but, despite this, we managed to successfully implement the project.
The second stage was the import of the customer base in order to quickly adapt the work of the staff in the new system and there was no way to “work in the old way”. Here we were faced with the fact that previously the entire customer database was maintained in different files (about 6), separately for each franchisee, where there was no single standard / appearance, respectively, the client's status was also missed in the process of maintaining the database. Thus, it was decided to combine / consolidate all the data into one document, bring them into a general form, double-check for the presence and correctness of phone numbers and email addresses.After importing the database, the development of the company structure and setting access rights depending on the city (in which the department is located) followed so that each of the franchisees could see only their applications, and not everything that the company has.Website integration with CRM. All incoming applications from the site enter the system and are automatically distributed depending on the selected city for each of the franchisees. Here, the development of work standards in the system and job descriptions was carried out so that all tables and data were maintained / recorded according to a single system.After the system was fully configured and all the changes were made, our specialist made a presentation of the work in CRM for company executives. A recording of video instructions on how to operate and set up the system has been provided for quick training and adaptation of new franchise members, as well as for existing managers, as a cheat sheet.After the closing of the project, we continued for about a month, at the request of the client, training to work in the system in the format of consultations for the managers of the parent company.
The competent distribution of leads between the participants is automated - the delivery of the lead to the right franchisee, namely:each franchisee received “his” client – ​​all incoming applications from the site enter the system and are automatically distributed depending on the selected city;all correspondence of the manager with clients was visible in the system;introduction of analytics for working with clients: how many clients are processed, what is the status of the client, what was bought and in what quantity, etc.
Customer Review
We scaled to large cities, so a huge client base was formed. Called, the human factor: information about the client, about the agreement was not always transmitted, and we could not provide the level of service that we had planned at the very beginning. Therefore, we began to look for a solution and realized that we needed some kind of unified a system in which we will register clients, see and record calls, track emerging problems, make comments and all the important information that we need to know about the client. Even when to send the contract, through which communication channel we communicate / work with this or that client (since there are different people who need, for example, to call only during a certain period of time or send only SMS messages).Another difficulty was the automation of birthdays. Because the package that we chose did not foresee this and, subsequently, we had to add a separate script in order for us to be able to congratulate our customers. After that, everything began to work at the system level.Impressions from the system: information began to be clearly recorded, the number of applications was tracked, all the important history of the client (which courses he chooses, why), etc. Many thanks to the 3.14 team for their cooperation and professionalism, as well as for being able to hear and understand us.Advice: If you are an educational organization, then I strongly advise you to reconsider your business model and choose exactly the CRM system that will meet your needs. I regret that when creating a business, we did not start using a CRM system, but used excel tablets. Therefore, the transition to CRM was very "painful" and difficult for us. In my next businesses, I will immediately invest in a CRM system in order to move away from the human factor.

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