Automate the sales department of a manufacturer of exclusive children's accessories

ClientDaytonais a Ukrainian manufacturer of exclusive children's accessories for mothers and babies. They work throughout Ukraine, and also provide a service - dropshipping.
TaskImplement a unified customer relationship management system.Connect your instagram account to conduct all communication through the CRM system.About the clientIt wasBefore starting the project, the client kept all clients in a notebook.The main channel for attracting customers is Instagram, i.е. all communication with the client took place directly in the application.It becameAfter studying the client's wishes, we chose and implemented the amoCRM system for customer relationship management and the i2CRM service for connecting an Instagram account.
It was done?
At the first stage, all business processes were described and documents with recommendations were drawn up, taking into account the automation of the receipt of applications. After the approval of all the wishes, we moved on to the second stage.The second stage. We have created a sales funnel and additional fields in the system, according to the preliminary drafted terms of reference. We also connected Instagram to amoCRM. For example, if a customer asks for the price of a product on an Instagram page, a request is created in the system and it goes to the responsible manager. At this moment, he receives a notification. The manager communicates with the client directly from amoCRM, sets tasks, and manages statuses.
At the third stage the system settings were presented and the client's confirmation was received. Instructions were developed and training for managers was conducted.
As a result, the client received a fully customized system, which includes all requests from existing and new clients. Managers always know what needs to be done with each client, because the system has a task module with reminders, and it is easy for the manager to monitor business performance and make the right decisions.

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