Implementation of a CRM system for coworking management

About the clientSmartworking "GARDEN" on Shulyavskaya opened at the end of 2015. This is the first co-working space in Ukraine that offers accounting and legal consulting services to freelancers and entrepreneurs. The total coworking space is over 700 sq.m.On two floors of the coworking space there are 2 large and cozy open spaces, a lot of comfortable and spacious smart offices for teams of 4 people or more.The "GARDEN" has a conference hall, meeting rooms and lounge-zones. There is ample parking for bicycles and cars. Various events, master classes, lectures and training courses are also held here.
Implement a CRM system for coworking management, which would simplify the work of administrators and help managers quickly receive statistics on the work of coworking as a whole.
It wasThe client used an Excel spreadsheet hosted in DropBox storage.One file contained the following information:customer base, provided that the administrator did not forget to enter the customer;information on payment of subscriptions;information about the reservation of various coworking spaces;The difficulty was #nbsp;administrators were able to delete records, which caused problems in customer service, as well as reporting. There was no understanding of how many free places there are for a given period of time.
It becameFor this client, we found a simple solution #nbsp; - the SpacePass system. This cloud system is specially designed for coworking space management. It contains all the necessary functionality that allows you to systematically maintain a database of clients, manage coworking and generate reports with the ability to upload data to Excel.
What was done?
At the first stage, we held a briefing meeting to find out in detail the needs of the client and highlight the main criteria by which we will select the system. A terms of reference was created with the necessary information for selection and configuration. An important wish of the director was that the system be simple and understandable in use, because administrators did not have deep computer knowledge.At the second stage, the terms of reference were approved and our specialist started setting up the system. After a presentation was held, where the leaders asked to make several changes to the settings.At the third stage, the entire coworking team was trained and text instructions were developed for the adaptation of new employees.
A system was set up to manage the Spacepass coworking space. We had to find another vendor to cover the client's need. And we is a cloud-based system for automating all the main operational and part of the management processes in a coworking space, namely: - maintaining a database of residents (both individuals and organizations); - resource management; - accounting of orders and reservations;The system also provides: - online booking calendars for meeting rooms, conference rooms and offices; - constructor of tariff plans and discounts; - floor plans of space; - infographics and analytics on the activities of the network of spaces.Now the system allows you to see the main indicators on the dashboard, namely: - Armor; - Migrations of clients between tariffs; - orders; - Tariff sales; - Graph: new users; - Recent orders; - Space congestion; - Expiring rates; - Clients' birthdays.The system allows you to quickly make a sale, book a meeting room or add a client / organization using the buttons, which makes it possible to quickly and conveniently serve customers.

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