Implementation of CRM in an online store of children's toys

ClientWe were contacted by the customer - Igrostok. These toys have been returned to normal stores due to defective, defective, incomplete or damaged items. The customer buys them and resells them at better prices.
The customer's sales volumes and customers are growing, it becomes more difficult for employees to process orders. It is necessary to structure the work of the sales department and improve the quality of service. The main problem is that the customer is highly dependent on manufacturers and most of the goods on the site are presented as a lot in a single copy.
Since the customer previously worked without a CRM system, CRM was implemented with call recording. To record conversations, we installed the Binotel service and implemented a sales funnel on 2 lines:1st order online2nd client picked it up from the warehouse.Also, all requests left on the site now go directly to CRM, which greatly simplifies the work.
What did they do for thisThe first step was to arrange a meeting with the client. During the meeting, we found out that the client had not previously worked with the CRM system and all orders had to be processed manually. It was decided to install the CRM system with the Binotel service for recording calls.In the second stage, In the second stage, we formed a sales funnel. Implemented and configured the mandatory fields to be filled in depending on the stage of the transaction. We set up the system so that all incoming requests from the site could be checked immediately in the system and did not have to be done manually.The third stage was to conduct training for staff on working with the program interface. In addition, a training video and text instructions for employees were filmed. After training, the client works independently.

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