Implementation of CRM in the "Kyiv Mlyn"

ClientWe were approached by one of the divisions of the company "Kyiv Mlyn" - an enterprise engaged in the production and export of products of the flour and cereal industry.The company sells flour not only on the domestic market. In recent years, it has been actively developing export deliveries of products. The company ships flour to China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Africa and the Middle East.
Managers need to call agricultural enterprises, collective farms and farms. They are interested in information about what kind of grain the business has, what kind of raw materials and in what quantity, after which they go to deals. At the deal, appraisers check how much the raw material corresponds to the declared one, organize outings and assemble elevators and send them for export. The bottom line is that managers often work outside the office, and they do not have the ability to call customers over the Internet. Our task is to facilitate and improve the work of employees.
The sales department consists of 5 people. We decided to install the CRM system and connect the “My Calls” service to it, we also connected integration with corporate mail to the CRM system.Implemented a sales funnel in which managers can lead the client in detail:base call;collection of proposals;price approval;price agreement;purchase;organizing the export of raw materials to the warehouses of companies for export.
What didThe first step was to organize a meeting with the customer. We discussed what task should be solved when implementing a CRM system. After listening to all the wishes of the customer, we decided to install the CRM system.The second stage was the implementation of the system in the client's department. We installed CRM on employee devices, connected the My Calls service, integrated with corporate mail and installed a sales funnelThe third stage was the training of all employees. Also, we continue today to advise the customer on this system, when questions arise in working with the CRM system.

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