CRM for wholesale distributor

CUSTOMERWe were approached by a Ukrainian representative of the Turkish company Dernek GROUP, which is the largest supplier of wiring, electrical products and lighting equipment for housing and communal services.In 2007, the Lezard trademark appeared. The Lezard brand unites all series of the product range of such items as electrical installation products: sockets, switches, extension cords and accessories. Now Lezard is one of the largest suppliers in Ukraine, it cooperates with large chain stores such as Epicenter, Leroy Merlin, etc.To increase the range of goods and maximize the convenience for customers, Dernek GROUP cooperates with leading manufacturers of electrical installation and installation products.
tm "Lezard" needs to unite all sales departments and collect the entire client base in one place, which will allow you to control negotiations with clients and understand at what stage the client is now. Considering all these factors, the company will be able to quickly make decisions and agree on working conditions with the client, having previously discussed with the management a favorable price offer and comfortable working conditions.
The CRM system was introduced, which became the solution to the tasks that were described above.It took our team 14 days to implement a CRM system in the sales department.After completing all the work, we conducted training for each employee, in addition, the client still had a training video for work, as well as our technical support.What did the client get by implementing the system:
the ability to independently regulate wholesale sales;efficiency of work with the client and management;the ability to regulate the work of employees in accordance with instructions, resulting in increased sales.
WHAT WE DID FOR ITThe first step was to arrange a meeting with the client. During the meeting found out that previously the client did not work with the CRM system and all orders had to be processed manually.Considering these factors, it was decided to set up CRM and analyze the business processes of clients.At the second stage, we formed a sales funnel and adapted deal and customer cards to the customer's requirements.
Implemented and configured the mandatory fields to be filled in depending on the stage of the transaction.
Set up integration with the client's mail server. Now, instead of going to the mail after the conversation and sending a separate contract or confirmation letter, the client does this immediately in the CRM system, also, the management can now view the correspondence immediately in the client card.
A mailing list for managers was set up, they receive reports in telegrams or by mail, with the main indicators of the sales department and client tables, which allows you to store all data in one place.
The third stag was to conduct training for staff on working with the program interface. In addition, a training video and text instructions for employees were filmed.

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