Implementation of CRM in the developer's sales departments

Customer"Orlan-Invest Group" is one of the leaders in the construction of real estate in the Kiev region, the company carries out design and construction with a full range of specialized works, from drafting a house to putting it into operation. Construction is carried out at a high professional level, in full compliance with the project and contractual obligations. A total of 8 residential complexes were put into operation, 15 houses were built. Another 8 houses under construction.
The client has 8 residential complexes in operation, for all these complexes there is only 1 sales department. Our task was to unite all these objects in one CRM - system.#nbsp;Here we need: - build a sales funnel; - set up IP telephony; - connect an interactive checkerboard of apartments.
The client is now on the market with a CRM system that allows you to combine all residential complexes into one sales department. In this CRM system, we built a sales funnel, set up IP telephony and connected the Profitbase interactive chessboard. Sales departments are physically located in one place, but there is also a central office and departments that are located near the residential complex. All these departments can also offer apartments. Interactive checkerboard solves the issue of double booking, thanks to it 2 managers in 2 different places do not assign an apartment to one person. Now there is no problem of deposit and conflict of interest.With the help of this checkerboard, now managers will not have confusion. They can use the CRM system to track the status of apartments.
What did they do?We implemented the project in 3 stages;The first step was to organize a meeting with the client, where we needed to build the structure of the work. To solve the client's problem, we suggested installing a CRM system into which we implemented:
- sales funnel;
- IP-telephony;
- interactive chessboard Profitbase.
The second stage was the implementation and implementation of all communications in the system.In the third stage, we conducted all the training for management and employees, conducted training events and continue to support the client.

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