A successful example of switching to amoCRM with telephony connection

About the clientOur client company “SCHULZ”, a manufacturer of brewing equipment, is a leader in its field of activity. To date, mini breweries and turnkey breweries from "SCHULZ" have already made successful more than 120 customers around the world: CIS, Europe, Asia.
Reduce the customer base to a single source by switching from the old CRM system (Quicksells), which was not updated to the new CRM system, in order to increase the speed of customer processing and improve sales analytics.It was - non-accounting of the client base, ignorance of how many clients there are at the current stage; - use of 1C, excel, notepad; - implemented telephony with three different contractors; - Difficulty in collating/maintaining reports; - agreements (contracts) are not fixed; - there was no systematic work and sales with the customer base; - complex and inconvenient system; - it is difficult to control the work of managers: tasks are not fixed, correspondence with 
It became - requests from all communication channels: from four sites, mail, incoming and outgoing calls, get into СRM and are processed by responsible managers; - business processes of sales are automated; - Istat virtual telephony is connected and configured. All incoming, outgoing, missed calls go to СRM; - structured sales funnel; - it is easy for the manager to control the work of managers, because all actions with the client are recorded in СRM. - filters and selections are now made according to various parameters; - configured analytics; - distributed access rights to clients and deals. Managers can no longer steal clients from each other; - assignment of tasks to colleagues occurs in a few clicks; - the base of clients and suppliers is structured; - managers trained and certified.Numbers
Project implementation - 2 months. A rather long period of implementation is associated with the transition from one telephony to another / change of telephony contractor.CAthose who open their own private breweries;those who are in the beer business globally.Average check40 000$Barriers - many decisions in the company were made collectively; - business processes are cyclical / the funnel is long and cyclical, making it impossible to move from it to a new stage; - telephony was connected with three different contractors who did not have the correct integration with the CRM system configured.
Drivers - the client saw his non-systematic nature in business, so he immediately decided on CRM - simple in interface with an emphasis on sales; - the staff was included in the process, easily trained, generated ideas and added their wishes.
Solutions - a simpler funnel is organized; - set up integration with corporate mail, telephony, and the website, so that leads enter the CRM system automatically; - switched to a new provider, Istat, as a result, the communication problem was solved, and the process of processing customers became faster; - 4 sites were connected, and the correct integration of the company's interaction with the client was set up.
FindingsThe “SCHULZ” client has become one of the most difficult projects in terms of working with contractors by telephone, and the duration of the project. But thanks to the customized system, we were able to implement several business processes, reduce the time spent on processing customer requests and increase the efficiency of the sales department.

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