Implementation of CRM for B2B and B2G sales of touch equipment

ClientWe were approached by the official distributor of the American company EloTouch Solutions, Sensor Systems of Ukraine LLC, which is engaged in the implementation of projects in the field of sensor technologies. These are interactive whiteboards, electronic queues and touch tables, screens, terminals and more. The main customers of the company are large electronics stores, banks, government agencies, restaurants, etc.
The main feature of the customer is that the majority of customers are in the B2B and B2G segment. They introduce electronic queues into services, make different stations, and so on. This takes a long time and the deal cycle can last more than a year.
The customer kept the entire client base in Excel spreadsheets, so you need to make sure that you keep customers in focus and track all stages of the transaction.#nbsp;
It is important for the customer to understand what was the stage of the transaction and whether budgeting was allocated in order to add cost to the project.
The customer has actively developed email marketing, they make mailings and all reactions to mailings must fall into the CRM system.
Also, more communication is conducted through telephony, which is also important to record and analyze.

The amoCRM system was introduced, which was the solution to the problems described above. We imported the database into the system, implemented Binotel telephony and a callback service on the site, and also made integration with corporate mail.
The customer has a small sales department, but the main advantage is that now you can transfer orders to different managers, while no information about the client is lost, because everything is already backed up in the database and you can track each stage of the transaction through the sales funnel.
What was done
We implemented the project in 3 stages
The first step was to arrange a meeting with the client. We figured out what aspects to focus on:
collected business - customer requirements;
what stages of the sales funnel are needed;
what format should be saved in the system;
what communication channels should be introduced into the system.
At the second stage, we formed a sales funnel and adapted deal and customer cards to the customer's requirements. Implemented and configured CRM system. A mailing list was set up for managers where they receive reports, with the main indicators of the sales department and client tables, which allows you to store all data in one place.
We also made reporting for managers in the form of a dashboard that showed the main performance indicators of the department.
We also carried out the import of an existing database, which allowed managers to immediately start working in the system, and telephony to immediately recognize the client when an incoming call, prompting the manager what is the name of the client who is calling and the general number.
We also set up adding new customers to the email marketing service, MailChimp.
The third stage was training for employees and system administration, so that the customer could work with the system on his own.
After that, the CRM system was put into operation. Now the client works independently with the system.

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