CRM for an educational company

CLIENTWe were approached by an educational company that deals with studying abroad - VTG Study. The company equips students in the Czech Republic, as well as Germany and Austria. The main areas are preparatory courses, higher education, secondary education and holidays.
Arrange work in one system so that all clients and tasks are visible to managers.#nbsp;
The main feature of the client is a long transaction cycle. Therefore, you need to organize everything in one system. Differentiate the rights of users, so that there is an understanding of which of them is a student (child), and who are his parents. This is necessary so that there is a delimitation of the base and there is an opportunity to communicate differently with parents and children.#nbsp;
The main channels for attracting customers: website; facebook, incoming calls.

Taking into account all the factors, we implemented CRM in the cloud version format. After that, we connected IP telephony - Stream Telecom telephony. Communication channels - mail, social networks.
We set up several funnels that the student goes through in stages. At first, it was a funnel of leads, whose task was to classify customers and determine what exactly they need from the direction and send it to CRM in the right funnel.

What funnels have been created?A funnel where a contract to accompany a student was considered a success.
Organization of the service itself. Visa control, preparation of documents, language courses and language courses.
The funnel itself consisted of the following stages: a meeting to discuss the conditions, the signing of an agreement.
Service Delivery Funnel
Selecting a program, concluding an agreement, obtaining all the necessary documents, preparing for a visa consultant, passing through a visa center at the Czech Consulate, selecting housing for a student and the task is for the student to start studying.

WHAT WE DID FOR ITThe project itself was implemented in the classical way in 3 stages:The first stage through an interview with the owner and employees#nbsp; sorted out all the wishes in the system. What information about customers they want to have in the system, as well as what stages they need to build into the funnel. What at what stage it is necessary to be obligatory to fill in the information and with what services we need to do the integration.The second stage was the implementation of all communications into the system. We made technical settings and also imported their databases into the CRM systemAt the third stage , several training events were held, as managers hold meetings and it is impossible to gather everyone at the same time. Therefore, it was decided to conduct training in groups of several people. We also advised employees at the start-up stage, promptly responded and responded.

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