Automation of two developer sales departments

About the client“Daytona group” development company.Among the well-known buildings built by the client are the PASSAGE shopping mall, Dnipro, Axelhof Boutique Hotel, Dnipro.
Tasks №1Implement a system for the work of the sales department, which will solve many problems keep records of customers, securely store the customer database and interaction history, consolidate communication channels into one system, work remotely using a mobile application, see statistics on the efficiency of departments sales in two cities.Tasks №2Implement IP-telephony in two sales departments Kyiv and Dnipro, so that all calls are made from a mobile phone.Tasks №3Automate the execution of contracts.It wasAt the time of cooperation, the client was in the process of launching sales departments in Kyiv and Dnipro. Previously, the client had no experience in working in a CRM system.It becameIt was decided to implement CRM “Cloud version”, because it solves all the client's tasks, connect managers' mailboxes and corporate mail. The IP-telephony company “Istat” was chosen as telephony, as the company's employees have a high level of expertise and provide high-quality telephony services, as well as advanced Call-Tracking capabilities.Project stages
What was doneWe implemented the project in 3 stagesAt the first stage we held a brief meeting to hear the client's needs. The client had no previous experience in CRM. Initially, we set up AmoCRM using our previous experience with other developers.At the second stage, we presented the settings and agreed on a number of changes that needed to be made. After making the changes, we started connecting the sources of receiving clients.In the third stage we: - added users of sales departments; - set up access rights for managers; - connected personal and corporate mail; - connected site forms to CRM so that customer requests immediately get into the system and are redirected to the right manager; - connected requests from; - connected Facebook pages so that customer requests also get into the system; - connected the company's Viber; - connected the “Wazzup” service, which allows you to communicate in the system; - connected and tested IP-telephony; - connected and configured the getdoc service, which allows you to generate contracts based on the completed fields.At the fourth stage, a video instruction on how to work was filmed for the quick adaptation of new managers in the system. Training was also provided for the company's employees.
After several stages, we managed to implement CRM for two sales departments in Kyiv and Dnipro. At the completion stage of the project, the following tasks were successfully implemented: - The ability to keep records of all customers from any source in one place.
- Safely store the customer base and the history of interaction (calls, correspondence, communication in instant messengers) with potential, existing and past customers.
- Consolidate communication channels: incoming and outgoing calls, mail, Facebook, WhatsUp, Viber - into one system.
- Supervise the stages of work with the client in two sales departments.
- Conduct internal communication between company employees in the framework of a specific transaction or group conversations.
- Monitor task completion with reminders.
- Get access to CRM from any device with your own login and password, and the manager will receive information on each transaction online.
- Work remotely using a mobile app.
- Increase sales through systematic interaction with the client.
- Monitor the quality of the work of the sales department at any time.
- Receive statistics and analytics on the effectiveness of the sales departments in Kiev and the Dnieper.
- Send SMS on behalf of the company from the system window.

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