ClientPlane Ukraine is the first and only light aircraft sharing service in Ukraine that allows you to rent various aircraft brands for travel throughout the country. The only condition is the presence of a PLL pilot's license, a flight book and a permit - they can be obtained after training at a specialized school. The company also provides recruitment services for future pilots of small aviation in an aviation school.
The client asked to systematize his work. The owner does not have a sales department, but there are a large number of applications and there is no way to manage everything. This situation caused the client to need to solve this problem. We need to build a sales funnel and set up all communication channels.
The decision was made to install CRM, as it is easy to use and fits all the requirements of the client. We built several sales funnels for the provision of services. One of the funnels - absolutely all applications fall into it, the other - the client, depending on the type of application, redirects them to separate directions: - rent; - school; - walks; - flying; - purchase of aircraft.
Connected all communication channels: - Personal Telegram channel; - viber; - Instagram; - Facebook; - website.
There were many forms on the site, now, depending on which form was applied for, it is automatically loaded into the right funnel in the CRM system.
What was doneThe project was implemented in 3 stages:The first stage was a meeting with the client, where we found out the entire structure of the client's work and found an alternative way to implement a CRM system. The CRM system was chosen to work with this client. It met all criteria for the client and is easy to use.The second stage was the introduction of the system into operation. We set up a sales funnel that meets all the needs and tasks of the client, and also set up communication channels.The third stage was training the client to work with the system and consulting on the methodology of work. Now the client independently uses the system and begins to introduce employees into the work. Now, he can independently delegate the communication of employees, control and analyze the process from the inside.

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