Implementation of CRM in the sales department of Optimisto residential complex

CustomerWe were approached by a client of Smile Development. This is a construction company, which is positioned on the construction of commercial real estate, they also launched a project for residential real estate - this is the residential complex "Optimisto"
Implement a CRM system to start sales in this residential complex. Also, it is important to understand what ad the client came from, so we need a program that can show where the call came from - Facebook or Google ads. It is very important that there is always a connection with the manager outside the office, so that buyers have the opportunity to call, regardless of whether the manager is online or not.
The solution was to implement CRM, we also set up integration with the call-tracking system and Ringostat telephony in order to track which ads make calls. If the client was out of the office, for example, at a showing of an apartment, the telephony redirected the call to the corporate mobile phone, and in the case of an outgoing or incoming call - directly to the mobile phone, the call record got into CRM using the "My Calls" service.
What did
First of all, we made an appointment with the client. At the meeting, we found out what is necessary for the well-coordinated work of the sales department. After the meeting, it was decided to install an amoCRM system with customized integration of the call-tracking system and Ringostat telephony.
Also, integration with mobile phones was made through the “my calls” service. The manager can answer the client's calls in the office or outside (meeting, showing the object, etc.). Now the client can always call his manager, regardless of whether he is online or not.
In addition to all this, we have installed a convenient sales funnel, where the manager can step by step mark the status of the client:
there was a show;
there was a meeting in the office;
preparation of documents;
deal closing implementation.

After completing all the technical requests of the client, we conducted a training course for management and employees, after which we left training video tutorials. Also, we remain to support the client on all technical requests.

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